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Web 2.0

Tonight I am thinking, again, about the impact of web 2.0 on the democratization of information.  To think that this simple tool helps break down information barriers on a massive level is inspiring.   I hope that we, librarians, continue to embrace the radical trust necessary to encourage the people to control the creation, organization, preservation and dissemination of information.  Yes, we have a role to play, but it really is their information!

I only wish that more 2.0topians would discuss the democratizing effect of web 2.0 on information.  Every persons’ voice has it’s place.


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Library Systems

After spending the day with the wonderful folks over at the Dupage Library System, I realize at how much these systems do in the State of Illinois.  The fact that the state has not been providing them with their much needed funding is increasingly worrisome.  What will we do if they go belly-up?

On the bright side, the viral campaign that they launched to send emails to the Governor and Comptroller is impressive to say the least.  They were hoping to get 3,000 emails, but they got so many more.  The 20,000 emails prompted Illinois to release about 1/3 of the funding.  I’m sure another campaign will follow, but this demonstrates the value of social media marketing strategy to libraries.

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Books and the future

Today I am thinking about the fact that …

In the future, our patrons will no longer look for books, the books will find them. 

How will that affect library services?  We will need to rethink readers’ advisory.  How will our books need to be cataloged and classified for a reality like this?  What a great time to be a librarian.  What a great time to be alive.

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