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Post Post-Modernism or Remodernism

Over the class weekend we discussed postmodern theory as it applies to LIS.  Have we moved past postmodernism?  If so, what have we moved too?  Has social media played a role in any of this?  I, of course, have no answer but it does make for food for thought.


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Mango Languages Round II

I just had a wonderful call from Beverly, the head of marketing at Mango Languages.  They have been very helpful in resolving the issue.  The learned of the problem via social media.  And that got me to thinking, do libraries pay attention to what our patrons are saying via social media?

So, I recant and recommend Mango.


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Social Media Policy

My library has just approved two social media policies.  I am rather proud of these two policies!

The Social Media Staff Policy is intended for our staff, while the Social Media Public Policy is intended for our public.

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