Speaking & Consulting

Jenica Rogers has a inspired me to plainly write my terms for speaking and consulting.  As a faculty member, my priority is always to my students.  As a result, I am much more likely to agree to speak or consult during the summer months. You may contact me at anthony.molaro@gmail.com to begin a conversation about speaking or consulting.


Please read testimonials about my speaking and consulting here


My standard speaking terms for US travel are as follows. My standard honorarium for a keynote address is $1250. In addition, I expect to have arrangements made for or to be reimbursed for:

  • Round-trip air travel from Minneapolis/St. Paul or mileage reimbursement
  • Mileage reimbursement or transportation between the airport and hotel and to the library location.  I prefer library staff to provide transport between the hotel and your location
  • Minimum 2 nights hotel stay, one the night before I speak and one the night of my speaking engagement

Other terms may be requested, but this is fairly standard for me.


I am happy to consult with you and your library organization.  All of my consulting is handled through my partnership with Library Strategies.  Library Strategies is the only nonprofit library consulting group that I am aware of.  Please use their site to request me or another consultant.

Small & Rural Libraries

Because small & rural libraries have giant hearts and tiny budgets, I have separate terms for you.  I will agree to take on speaking requests or consulting for small & rural libraries (budgets > $350,000) at a greatly reduced rate.


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