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Hyperlinked Library from Micheal Stephens

Here is a great video on the Hyperlinked Library from Michael Stephens.

Themes from the short video include:


  • Participation

o   Participatory Service

o   Users adding to service and engaged in the planning and evaluation processes

  • Transparency

o   Open and inclusive planning

o   Open conversation (physically and digital)

o   No secrets!

o   User-driven policies not driving users away

  • Humanism and kindness

o   Libraries should encourage the heart

o   Bring our heart with us to our users

  • Immersive community engagement

o   Gather your tribe or crowd

o   Build relatedness

  • Creativity

o   Local creators adding to local collections

Check out the video here:


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Digital Textbooks — Remix and Mash-up

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education points out that many textbook publishers are offering professors the ability to modify textbooks.  That is, professors can remove unnecessary elements (chapters) and add other pieces in.  This services has been around for some time, but was seldom used.

Well Create from McGraw-Hill allows professors to create electronic textbooks that mix-and-match from other McGraw-Hill books.  The many advantages include, a cheap book (The Chronicle example jumped from $6 for an electronic copy to $17 for a printed copy), decreasing information overload by reducing unnecessary chapters, tayloring the book to meet the needs of the particular class, etc…

The other interesting part of the article describes how professors will need to navigate various publisher websites to create such content.  All I know is that we really do live in interesting times!

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Let’s Get Social: Social Bookmarking Presentation for DLS

I recently participated in the Let’s Get Social: Social Bookmarking Presentation for the DuPage Library System.  The slides were posted the other day, but the full audio stream is now available.  In this presentation, we discussed the use of social bookmarking, Diigo, Evernote, and Delicious.  It’s not the best presentation I have ever done, but enjoy.

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