Call for Chapter Contributions for the Library Innovation Cookbook

Call for Chapter Contributions for the Library Innovation Cookbook

Chapters sought for an anthology by practicing academic, public, school,
special librarians, LIS faculty, and library staff sharing practical how-to chapters on: library innovation.

Book Publisher: ALA Editions

Dr. Anthony Molaro is an imaginarian and information activist and is the Associate Dean of Library and Instructional Technology at Prairie State College.

Leah White is a Reader Services Librarian and creator of Books on Tap, Northbrook Public Library’s first book club in a pub.

Recent conferences have highlighted the importance of innovation in libraries, and it is a term often heard in library circles. But what is innovation? Innovation is an incremental process. It is the creation of effective, efficient, and better products, services, technologies, programs or structures to help libraries meet the needs of 21st century library patrons.

How does your library engage in an innovation process? What innovations can your library adopt today? Who can suggest, plan, implement and assess ideas? The Library Innovation Cookbook: Bite-Sized Ideas to Fuel Growth in Your Library is designed to answer those questions with quick morsels that your library can apply immediately.

The Library Innovation Cookbook is packed with case studies and practical recipes for success from library innovation experts across the field. It is organized into six sections that focus on current trends in the library world. It does not matter where you are in your organization, each idea can be suggested and implemented by anyone. Each recipe is designed to be implemented quickly in most libraries. This book provides readers with necessary innovation strategies to spur creative growth in libraries, and to best equip their library for the next century.

Library Innovation is occurring throughout libraries of all type, however, many of us don’t hear about the great stuff we are all doing. The Library Innovation Cookbook provides concise, how-to chapters based on experience to help colleagues. Your
nuts and bolts article should total 2500-3500 words. No previously published or
simultaneously submitted material. One or two authors per chapter;
complimentary copy as compensation, discount on more.

Topics of interest for proposed chapters can include, but are not limited to, the following:
Broad Categories (examples)

Introduction to Innovation
What is Innovation
How Do Library’s Achieve Innovation
Professional Courage
The Role of Team
Rapid Prototyping
Innovation Champions
80/20 Rule
Chief Innovation Officer
Leading from the Middle
Professional Development
Staff Training
Library Lab
Library as Kitchen
Idea Box
Adult Services
Youth Services
Technical Services
Responsive Web Design
Fab Lab
Digital Media Labs
New Library Spaces
Staff Spaces
Marketing and Brand Building
Marketing Campaigns
Branding Strategies

Proposals can be in the form of an abstract (summary) and an outline. Please also include a writing sample.
Please submit chapter proposals and writing samples to both Editors
Questions and comments should be submitted via e-mail to us.

The due dates are:
For chapter proposal outlines: December 1, 2012
For first drafts of chapters: March 1 , 2013
For final drafts of chapters after receipt of editorial comments: June 1, 2013


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