A Truly Honoring Experience

Yes, I have been selected as one of Library Journal’s Mover & Shaker for 2011.  This is both truly honoring and humbling.  As I look at the list of this years, and past years, librarians I realize that I am so not qualified.  However, the honor has spurred me back to my roots.  The areas mention in the profile are areas that I have allowed myself to slip on.

I am renewing my commitment to blog more frequently here and over at LibrariesandTransliteracy.  I am also refocusing attention on the Chicago Deskset.

I do want to give two shout-outs to this years list.  I greatly admire and respect both Bobbi Newman and Eli Neiburger.  They both use technology to improve the lives of patrons.  This is an area we all could learn a few lessons on.


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