Publishing, Libraries, Democracy & Convergence

I have been reading more and more colleagues call for a solution to the current publishing problem in our country.  Some have mentioned the organization of Kickstarter as a possibility to raise capital to address the issue.

I guess that I’m feeling like something big is happening.  The more and more I think about how important information is, information policy issues, economics of information and control and restriction of information, I am coming to a singular conclusion.

I believe that the free flow of information is so important that we need to rise up to protect and foster that flow.  Moreover, I believe the virtual end to a public domain or knowledge commons is a threat to democracy.  I believe that the free flow of information is important enough to the very fabric of our society that it needs to be protected from capitalistic control.  To that end, I propose a non-profit digital publishing organization that will protect the interests of the citizen while rewarding the country’s creative output.

My children will enter a world in which nothing from the current century will be in the public domain.  The flow of information to them will be so bogged down by restrictions and DRM garbage that they may as well not have access to that information at all.

I am truly heartbroken that, in terms of access to unrestricted, vetted materials, my children will be worse off than I.  Even worse, this happened on my watch.


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