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Chicago DeskSet — First Event

Come one, come all and start off National Library Week with the very first meeting of the Chicago Deskset! We are getting together to meet up, hang out and hold a book drive for incarcerated teens in the Chicago area. The Juvenile Temporary Detention Center at Ogden and Damen is looking for age appropriate, paperback donations. (examples: Harry Potter books, Twilight Series, Percy Jackson books, etc.) Here is a breakdown:

Where: The Grafton Pub and Grill (Western stop, Brown Line and there is also ample street parking and a paid lot across the street)

When: April 10th, 2010 3:00pm-5:00pm

What to bring: one (or more!) age appropriate paperback book, ideas of future charities/fundraisers you would like to support

Who is invited: check out our About Us page for details but just about everyone! Library workers, students, book lovers, friends, family! If you are interested in our mission, then you are invited!

We’ll also be raffling off a gift certificate to Unabridged Bookstore, mingling and just getting together to decide where this group will go next!

Here is the Facebook event page:

Please make sure you RSVP if you plan on attending. If you don’t have a facebook account, please leave a comment below letting us know you plan on attending. Also please note that The Grafton has asked us to have table by table tabs. So be prepared with either cash or be willing to split tabs! And if you are interested in helping out or you just have questions, shoot us an email at:

chicagodeskset[at sign]gmail[dot]com

We look forward to meeting everyone!


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Chicago DeskSet

I’m happy to be reporting more news.  The founders of the Chicago DeskSet (Adam Girard, Leah White, and myself) had another great meeting today.   The Chicago DeskSet is coming soon!!!  A little more patience, but I can share some rumors.  The DeskSet will launch with a fundraiser in Chicago during National Library Week. The purpose of this group is to unite Chicagoland librarians for social and networking opportunties and to lend our help to bookish causes.

We have appreciated all the encouragement on the project.  Please feel free to contact anyone of us for more information.  Over the coming weeks expect a social media blitz.

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Social Justice Librarian Style and a Networking Opportunity are Coming to Chicago

Social Justice Librarian Style and a Networking Opportunity are Coming to Chicago:

As many of you know, a group of us have been working on bring a Chicago version of the Deskset to fruition.  After a very successfully meeting last night, I know that this idea will become a reality soon.  We still have some details to work out, but it is such an exciting time, and I wanted to share!

The vision is to create a network in which librarians, library lovers and book lovers can come together to share in our commonality.  It will also have a primary purpose of achieving social justice in the area.  It will unite us!  It will bring us together!  It will help alleviate information poverty and promote literacy!  It will fill a major need!  It will be just plan awesome!!!

I hope that you are excited.  I will keep you all posted.


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