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New Position Announcement

I am so very happy to report that I have accepted a new position as the Associate Dean of Library and Instructional Technology at Prairie State College.

I am very excited about this position!!!  In this role I get to lead a great team of librarians and library staff, as well as a team of instructional designers.  I am excited about bringing in some programming, and innovative technology. Moreover, I am really looking forward to creating a library environment which encourages students to play, learn, explore, find themself, and tap into their creative self.

I also get to work with faculty to improve the use of educational technology.  In this role, I am looking forward to helping the college increase their number of online courses.  I also hope to help faculty to be intentional about creating online learning environments, and focusing on student success and outcomes.

Prairie State College is a relatively small community college (area community colleges typically have >25,000 students).  The FTE head count is around 5,000.  As many of you know, I am drawn to smaller organizations because it allows me to wear many different hats.  The school serves residents in the south suburbs of Chicago.  The area is diverse both demographically and economically.  I hope that the library I lead instills a love of libraries and learning into these students.



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ILEAD U Press Release

For immediate release

Jan. 25, 2011




NORTH AURORA, IL—Anthony Molaro has been selected to serve as a mentor in an innovative institute for Illinois library staff that is promising to be one of the most exciting Illinois library initiatives of 2011.

Anthony Molaro, who is employed as Head of Technical Services & Technology will participate in ILEAD U (Illinois Libraries Explore, Apply and Discover), the 21st Century Technology Tools Institute for Illinois Library Staff.   The institute will help library staff understand and respond to patron needs through the application of participatory technology tools.  ILEAD U is made possible by a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Grant awarded to the Illinois State Library by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

“The Illinois State Library is proud of its strong commitment to continuing education, and providing librarians with the tools and resources necessary to address the ever changing needs of their patrons,” said Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White. “Nowhere is the need for continuing education more important than in the area of technology. Librarians need to constantly enhance their skills to keep up to date with the latest technology, and ILEAD U represents an exciting, innovative new program to build technology and leadership skills among Illinois librarians.”

Anthony “is so excited for this opportunity to work with librarians from around the state and nation to expand our technology offerings to improve service to our community.”

Anthony Molaro and other participants will implement web technologies that foster community participation and develop leadership, innovation and positive change.  ILEAD U will encourage both the experimentation with and building of participatory Web services and programs.

Examples of participatory technology tools will include:

Blogging tools
Digital audio/podcasting
Digital photography
Digital video
Instant messaging
Photo sharing site (e.g., Flikr)
Social networking (e.g., Facebook)
Tagging (folksonomies)
Virtual reference
Virtual worlds (e.g., Second Life)
Web conferencing


The ILEAD U schedule includes three in-person sessions to be held February 28-March 3, June 13-16 and October 24-27 at the University of Illinois Springfield.

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