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Illinois Snapshot day

Snapshot One Day in the Life of Illinois Libraries Logo
Then join the Messenger Public Library
Wednesday, February 10 as we participate
with libraries across the state in
“Snapshot: One Day in the Life of Illinois Libraries.”
Help the Messenger Public Library show the
State of Illinois how important library services
are to our community.  Visit an Illinois publis library
Wednesday, February 10 to find out how
you can show just how much you love your library!

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A Social Worker in the Library

Yes, you are reading that correctly.  The San Francisco Public Library has added a social worker to their payroll.  A recent article describes the recent addition to the staff.  The main library branch has a lot of homeless patrons.  The library partnered with the local public help agency to add a social worker. 

The director of the library says the library is “the most democratic institute” and they want it to “be open to evevryone”. 

Wow!!!  How can libraries adapt and adopt such a bold move?  What else can we do?  How else can we partner and collaborate with? I am so proud to be a librarian.

Three cheers to you SFPL!  You all are true information activists!


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Dear Fair Readers,

As many of you know, I have been on vacation in Florida.  It was a great, and needed, time to relax and spend time with friends.  I will get back to posting soon.

For now, I leave you with this thought.  How can libraries help in Haiti?  I, for one, think over the coming months and years libraries will have a great opportunity to help the Haitian people.  Proper information may have helped decrease the toll taken on the people of this proud nation.

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Grand Valley State University’s New Library

I am so proud of all the work the library has done. This new library will totally rock!!!

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