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So much drivel is pumped out on eReaders and eReading.  Much of the literature is speculative, anecdotal, or purely editorial in tone. However, this is a topic that continues to fascinate me.  I have recently purchased an iPad and my library owns a Kindle.

What I would like to see is research comparing the reading preferences of print versus eBook versus non-readers.  Moreover, wouldn’t it be nice to see if comprehension, reading speed, or ability to stay on task differ between digital and analog reading?

One issue that no one ever seems to discuss relates to digital writing.  If digital reading is “so bad” than why is the same argument not applied to digital writing?  Is it that digital writing has been with us longer?  Is more accepted?  Is mainstream?  Logically, it would make sense that if something were produced digitally than it should be able to be consumed digitally.

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