Playing the Victim #alaac14

There seems to be a constant at ALA no matter where the conference is held. Librarians complain. They complain about weather. They complain about walking. They complain about cost. They complain about lines.

When did we learn to play the victim? This is the same victim role we play when it comes to funding and perception. Do you want sympathy from us? Do you need us to validate you?

I feel lucky and fortunate to get to attend #alaac14. I get partial funding to be here. I’ve gotten to see some amazing places while attending ALA. I get to see old friends and make new ones. I get to hear all about some amazing stuff other librarians are doing. I have a job. I get paid reasonable well. Most of you are in a similar boat, so what’s the problem?



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3 responses to “Playing the Victim #alaac14

  1. JWagner13

    I heard the complaining at LSLS, too, mainly about how “far” we needed to walk from the (free) parking lot to the conference area. It’s really unfortunate that it seems so prevalent.

  2. Let the church say, “Amen!”

  3. Not necessarily limited to librarians btw, but thank you for saying it! Anyone able to go to ALA should take a minute to realize their good fortune.

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