Gratitude and Thank You

So I keep a running gratitude and thank you page here on this blog, and I recently updated it.  So here is the newly improved list:

There are no random acts…We are all connected…You can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind… (Five People You Meet in Heaven)

There are many people who have shaped me over the years.  I just wish to acknowledge a few professionals who have made me the librarian that I am here, and in no particular order.  Some of these people I have never met.

Valeria Long, Grand Valley State University

Pat Bravender, Grand Valley State University

Mary Klatt, Loyola Health Sciences Library (I miss you a lot and wish I could ask you a million questions).

Jeanne Sadlik, Loyola Health Sciences Library

Michael Gorman, Past President, ALA

Dr. Michael Stephens, Dominican University

Dr. Gertrude Koh, Dominican University

Dr. Janice Del Negro, Dominican University

Samuel Swett Green, “Personal Relations Between Librarians and Readers”

Leah White, Chicago Deskset

Adam Girard, Chicago Deskset

G. Kevin Davis, Messenger Public Library

All the folks at DLS

Rory Litwin, Libraryjuice

Sandy Berman, Radical Cataloger

Thomas Mann, Library of Congress

S. R. Ranganathan, “Five Laws of Library Science”

Jesse Hauk Shera, “Introduction to Library Science”

Dr. Elfreda Chatman, her work with outclass patrons

Phil Thorman, Mass Mutual

Beau Coniglio, Creative Genius

Erika Molaro, love of my life

Toby Greenwalt, Skokie Public Library

Mick Jacobsen, Skokie Public Library

Bobbi Newman and the folks at Libraries and Transliteracy

Ned Potter AKA the Wikiman or theREALwikiman

Justin Hoenke,  the greatest teen librarian EVER

Richard Kong , the guru of library technology, DMLs, and awesomeness

Anne Slaughter, a true rock star librarian and designer of OPPL’s website

Monica Harris, hands down the most creative and innovative librarian I know.


I am sure that I missed some people, for that I offer my humble apologizes.  To those who shape me without knowing me, or having ever met me.  I want to thank you too.

Strangers are family you have yet to come to know. (Five People You Meet in Heaven)


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