Sponsor a Librarian with LWB

Call for donations: Asturias Librarian Stipend Fund

Give the Gift of Literacy and Learning: Bring a Librarian to the Asturias Academy in Guatemala

Photo Credit: Sanghun Cho

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Thank you to our supporters who donated across the holiday season in support of the Asturias Librarian Stipend Fund. You are helping us to provide the funding needed to bring a trained volunteer librarian to our partner school in Guatemala. This librarian will in turn train a local Guatemalan to serve in that role, so building  local capacity.  We strongly believe that supporting a librarian has a ripple effect in the community.

Jennifer Johnson: From the Librarians and Staff of the North York Central Library’s Society and Recreation Department, within the Toronto Public Library System. “Every Christmas the staff in our department contribute to a group donation for a worthy cause. I attended your December annual meeting and was very impressed by the work you did in Guatemala and the opportunity that you are providing for budding Librarians.  My colleagues, many of whom are familiar with your work, felt the same”.

With help from our supporters such as the North York Central Library’s Society and Recreation Department, we are well on our way to reaching our fundraising goal. Can you help our fundraising drive — individually, or through your workplace or a group to which you belong? Just $15 pays the librarian’s salary for one day. To make a donation, contact us or use the online donation button.


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