On Loneliness II

While reading Our Singular Strength, I came across a chapter entitled The Solace of Knowledge.

I think this is right on point.  And encourages me in the work we all do.

Also, as many of you know, Michael Gorman is my hero.  For those of you who dislike him, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to be open-minded and read Our Singular Strength.  You can read parts of it on Google Books.



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3 responses to “On Loneliness II

  1. Matthew Ciszek

    A librarian under 50 who’s a fan of Michael Gorman. I didn’t think another one existed besides me. LOL

  2. Matthew,

    There is a rather large group of us. The Chicago Deskset had Gorman come and hang out at a Dave and Busters a few months back. It was totally RAD!

  3. Matthew Ciszek

    Now that sounds like a whole mess of fun! I know there are more of us out there as well, it just seems that we get lost in the shuffle.

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