AZLA 10 Slides

Thank you to all who attended and shred at the Keynote for AZLA 10!  I see some great hope in the librarians in Arizona and I am so proud to call you all my colleagues.  I look forward to reading, listening to, and hearing your stories.



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3 responses to “AZLA 10 Slides

  1. Ann Ewbank

    Hi Anthony,

    The Schott Report cites the Chicago Public Schools African American male graduation rate at 44% in 2008, not the 15% you mentioned in your talk. Thought you would like to know.

    Click to access Illinois.pdf

  2. Ann thanks for your comment and looking into the number. The problem with statistics is that some many exist for the same subject.

  3. Ann Ewbank

    You’re welcome, Anthony. I am still looking for verification of the 15%. There is a big discrepancy between 15% and 44%. I would feel more comfortable if I had verifiable information.

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