Signage: Better None Than Bad

Applause are in order for my friend, and co-founder of the Deskset, Leah White for her article in American Libraries.  In this beautiful crafted piece, Leah outlines the place of library signage in the library world.  She states,

Many librarians and administrators agree that it’s important to communicate that the library is a pleasant and studious institution, but sign-makers go astray when they create signage in an effort to shift blame or passive-aggressively punish users for presuming they have certain rights while using the library. Such negative signage insults our patrons instead of guiding them or communicating policies in a positive and efficient manner. A well-written sign, inviting and creatively designed, can do so much; an insulting sign has the potential to do more damage than good.

It is very true.  Good signage is a godsend, but poorly crafted signage insults and turns-off patrons.  Well done Leah!


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