I was wondering through a Barnes and Noble the last night, killing time before dinner reservations at the Clubhouse in Oak Brook ( I highly recommend the Clubhouse).  B&N is not my favorite place to shop, I prefer to shop with local companies, but how else would you expect a librarian to kill time.

In any event, I picked up a book called “Getting Organized in the Google Era” written by Douglas C. Merrill (former chief information officer at Google).

The book is actually very good, and has some great pointers, many of which I have used for some time.  Many of you know that I am busy — like super busy.  Between a full-time job, doctoral coursework, adjunct teaching, co-running an emerging organization (Chicago Deskset plug!!!), having a rewarding social life, and a newly minted relationship, I am always on the go.  Besides the fact that I would recommend this book, it got me to thinking.

Librarians are the BEST organizers on the planet!!!  We should be writing these books, and teaching classes on organization.  Why not, as Pauline Atherton Cochran would say.  I mean seriously, why are we not doing this.  I have seen us use a variety of social media and organizers to keep us on track.  We should totally teach these skills to our patrons!


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