Message from the Chicago Deskset

Hello fair readers,

A message from the Chicago Deskset

We wanted to take a moment to update everyone.  We are working hard at responding to your suggestions via the survey.  For those that could not make it, don’t worry your voice will be heard as well.  Expect a survey tomorrow via Facebook or here at our blog.

The next event date has been set for Sunday, May 23rd, 2010.  The time is still being worked out as well as the location, but I know this much, it will be in the city and around 6pm.

We have received a lot of praise, publicity and even fanmail.  Your hard work is paying off, and we are making a difference.  So take a moment to reflect on the fact that hundreds of under-served teens will have the ability to learn and escape via the items YOU donated, and they will know that someone somewhere cares about them.

-Anthony Molaro


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