Dupage Library System seeks help

The Dupage Library System needs your help.  These campaigns have worked in the past, and they are hoping it will work again.  Please see their post.

The Voices of Vision Talking Book Center (VOV) is at risk of being downsized or closed because DLS is owed almost $450,000 by the State of Illinois for providing VOV services.

Vovlogo The Voices of Vision program serves thousands of persons who are visually or physically impaired in 12 northern Illinois counties. Housed at and operated by DLS, Voices of Vision provides its users with reader services, “talking books,” and other program materials. The Illinois State Library contracts with DLS to provide these services.

Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White has successfully redistributed grant monies to do as little harm as possible to library grant programs for fiscal year 2010. However, DLS has received less than 3% of the $460,286 State of Illinois grant that funds the Voices of Vision program.

-Anthony Molaro


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