A Message from the Chicago Deskset

Hi All,

This is so exciting. We have 163 fans already!!!  This group has only been officially launched for two weeks, so let me take a moment to both thank you and congratulate you.

We look forward to celebrating the beginning of National Library week with you. We are asking, because this is our first event that you RSVP as attending or not attending.  We need to provide firm numbers for the Grafton so that they place us in the proper room and have sufficient staff.

We believe the time for a grassroots organization like this is at hand. Let’s begin to bring change to the profession and our beloved city.  This group will bring us closer together and allow us to be more socially responsible to our beloved Chicago.  We recognize that we are stronger together.  This is our organization, our profession, and our city.  This is our voice, these are our stories, this is our conversation, and we will not be shushed anymore!

To close, an excerpt from the Prisoner’s Right to Read Statement, “Freedom itself is a dangerous way of life, but it is ours. When free people segregate some of their own, they acquire the responsibility to provide the tools required to bring the prodigal home. Chief among those tools is a right to read.”

-Anthony Molaro, on behalf of the Chicago DeskSet

P.S. If you forgot, here are the details of the event:

Where: The Grafton Pub and Grill (Western stop, Brown Line and there is also ample street parking and a paid lot across the street)

When: April 10th, 2010 3:00pm-5:00pm

What to bring: one (or more!) age appropriate paperback book, ideas of future charities/fundraisers you would like to support

Who is invited: check out our About Us page for details but just about everyone! Library workers, students, book lovers, friends, family! If you are interested in our mission, then you are invited!

We’ll also be raffling off a gift certificate to Unabridged Bookstore, mingling and just getting together to decide where this group will go next!

Here is the Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=363072017991

Please make sure you RSVP if you plan on attending. If you don’t have a facebook account, please leave a comment below letting us know you plan on attending. Also please note that The Grafton has asked us to have table by table tabs. So be prepared with either cash or be willing to split tabs! And if you are interested in helping out or you just have questions, shoot us an email at:

chicagodeskset[at sign]gmail[dot]com


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