Today, I am pondering what seems to me a lacking our profession has in terms of leadership.  We, librarians, need to be united.  Our world faces many issues, and a lot of these are library causes.   Where is our vision?  Where are we going? 

I was recently interviewed and stated that we need a call to arms; a call to stand up and let our voices and our dollars be heard.

Many of our great leaders are gone, retired or silenced.  Will you stand up?  Will you take our profession boldly into a new decade?



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2 responses to “Leadership

  1. I enjoyed hearing about your views on transitioning from an academic library setting to the public sphere. This change offers a whole new set of opportunities for you. Congratulations!

  2. molaanth

    Thanks Adam. I know two things for certain. Our profession needs leaders. And I am not one of them.

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