I have been thinking a great deal about how our vendors control us.  I hear countless stories of librarians wishing databases did this or that.  We wish our OPACs were more user-friendly.  We wish that database A talked to database B etc…

Why does it have to be this way?  When will we have taken enough?  Many of these companies were started by us.  Why did we give up control?  Why do we let these companies make record profits while we count every penny? 

We need to unite together.  We need to stand up for ourselves.  We lose and our patrons lose.  I, for one, have had enough!



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3 responses to “Vendors

  1. Amen!

    After our last conversation, I had a very interesting conversation that focused on this heavily. There were some thoughtful outcomes. I’ll let you know when I post the transcription.

  2. molaanth

    I am really interested to hear what she said about this very issue. Thanks for the comment and it was great having lunch with you.

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