Tagging controversy

In today’s Daily Herald (FRONT PAGE) the headline reads Tag Coulter Book as You Wish?  A library patron complained that Ann Coulter books in the catalog were tagged “hate speech”. 

I found this very interesting.  The library has defended the rights of patrons to tag books the way they want.  Moreover, the ALA has no policy in terms of tagging. 

I think this article is interesting for many reasons.  First, censorship of tagging.  Secondly, policy implications.  Third, how cool is it that libraries are making the front cover of major papers!



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2 responses to “Tagging controversy

  1. Quite interesting. My gut tells me that the complaining gentleman might be a Republican. In all seriousness, given the library past stance of allowing all reading tags, save those of an explicit or racial nature, removing tags because certain library patrons might disagree with the “political” connotations is censorship in its basest form. Bravo to the library for holding strong.

  2. molaanth

    I agree entirely. Because tagging is a recent phenomenon it will pose policy issues for libraries. I am very glad that they did not remove the tags.


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