Information Activist – Dupree

Nancy Hatch Dupree is an octogenarian (yep she’s in her 80’s) and she is working hard to preserve Afghan’s cultural heritage.  She has helped set up the ACKU.  The “Centre’s overall purpose is to enhance nation building by providing reliable information to policy planners, strategy makers, program implementers and future leaders of Afghanistan, including the faculty and students at Kabul University.”

Dupree states, “If you’re going to have any democracy, people have to have access to the constitution. We got copies of the constitution and the laws passed by the parliament and distributed them.” (AL)

The article in American Libraries goes on to say “Access to information and books in Afghanistan has been in crisis for years: There is no national library. Much of the Kabul University Library was destroyed during the civil war and Taliban years, but now operates, albeit with outdated collections, with no automation, no heat, and very few computers.  The National Archive of Afghanistan is plagued by preservation challenges, with no heat, electricity, or climate control, and an infestation of insects that are destroying the collections. And there is almost no publishing industry.”

Dupree my hat’s off to you for your tireless work as an information activist.


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