I don’t normally do this

But these two pictures are from Dominican University, where I am working on my Ph.D.  This is the greeting when you enter the library, and notice its in red and printed on legal paper…



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5 responses to “I don’t normally do this

  1. bkarrgerlich

    Hi Tony –

    Do you disagree with the signage or think its a good idea?



    Bella Karr Gerlich, PhD
    University Librarian
    Dominican University

  2. molaanth

    Thanks for the comment Bella. I do think the language is a little strong. NFZ stands for no fly zone and has strong military connotations.


  3. bkarrgerlich

    Thanks Tony. I’ll poll the staff and some others regarding the acronym – you are the first person that I heard make that particular observation.

    We have had a lot of spills, garbage piling up and complaints regarding food in the library recently, and I appreciate your opinion about the language but don’t feel that the message is inappropriate – our experience is that ‘please don’t eat in the library’ doesn’t get noticed as much as a sandwich with a circle and a line drawn through it – short and to the point.

    Thanks again for sharing your opinions – your comments are always welcome!


    Bella Karr Gerlich, PhD
    University Librarian
    Dominican University

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